Hoja Banya

Unique experience in Armenia

The luxury banya, set in the beautiful landscape of the Armenian countryside. With stunning views overlooking Mount Ararat and her sister, Little Ararat, our spa is the perfect place for a quiet, relaxing getaway.
About US
La Hoja Spa is a banya, wellness center and glamping retreat nestled in the cosy, quiet village close to Yerevan. With Mount Ararat watching over us in peaceful grandeur, we provide a uniquely holistic sauna experience that promotes tranquillity, relaxation and realignment.

Our services have been specially handcrafted to provide a unique Armenian twist on the usual sauna and spa facilities found in traditional banyas .
What we have
Wellness Center
Our beautiful banya includes a stunning wellness center designed to host a wide variety of mindfulness and wellbeing practices such as yoga, meditation and much more


An incredible getaway with picturesque views.

Our banya takes it one step further with our special glamping grounds where guests can rest under the stars in our high-quality tents. each tent is fully furnished with a private ensuite, a double bed, a closet and space to sit and enjoy the stunning panorama of the Armenian countryside.
Armeniya, Kotayk region
Phone: +374-910-52-413
Email: info@hojabanya.com
Please contact us in advance to book your visit